Teens helping teens.

Our Story

QC Closet2Closet is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that was developed by a Quad City family that was built, in part, through the adoption of preteen foster children. Through their experience, this family became intimately aware of specific challenges that some youth in foster care face. They decided to develop a program to raise awareness and directly address some of these challenges. Because of our growth and inventory size, we have expanded our services to provide wardrobe assistance for homeless youth and others who have extenuating circumstances.

We offer all-season clothing, accessories, and hygiene items. We offer a popular customized care package option for children who are not able to attend our shopping events, which, starting in spring, 2018, will occur on a twice-weekly basis. Our Calendar page will provide details about our hours of operation once construction in our new permanent space in downtown Rock Island is completed.

Our clothing sizes begin at youth size medium (8+) and also include all adult/junior sizes for both boys and young men and girls and young women, including extended sizes. We also offer new socks, underwear, blankets, and hygiene items. Additionally, we have a large inventory of women's formal wear. Our clothing comes from a variety of sources, including clothing drives organized by local high schools, colleges, and youth groups.

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