QC Closet2Closet offers all-season clothing, accessories, and hygiene items at our facility and through our care package program.

Care Package Program

Social service agency or school personnel may refer children or young adults for our care package program through our online request form.

We offer clothing in infant, toddler, children’s and adult sizes. We also offer new socks, underwear, blankets, and toiletry items.

Register a Child to Shop In-Person

Children under age 20 may shop one time per quarter (i.e., every 3 months), and must be referred by a social worker or school personnel each time.  Professionals who want to register a child should send an email message to info@closet2closet.org. Referral requests should include the child’s first name and last initial, age, gender, and the date the child plans to shop (we are open Thursdays from 4-8 pm.) A confirmation email will be sent after the referral is processed.

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